Basic IT Summer Bootcamp


Code Lobby (A Project of Echt Solutions) is a platform for youth to become familiar with basic and advanced technology. It guides the students by providing an environment for Mind Growth, Tech Opportunities, IT Skills, Exposure, Career path and also offers internships in a real-time environment.

In this modern era, We have noticed that our youth is not familiar with new techniques of modern technology related to Computers and Laptops. Even they are not able to install Operating Systems( Windows ) to their PCs and Laptops, Productivity Software, Communication tools, Email Management, etc.

Under the shed of Code Lobby, we are organizing a Basic IT Summer Bootcamp for the Youth of Gujranwala which is studied in 9th-10th standard only. In this Bootcamp, we are going to give them Basic IT skills for their ongoing Career leading to Higher studies.

Our Mission

The youth of our country lack information about online resources and because of this, they are looking for cracked versions of a lot of software which is totally immoral and unambiguous.

Our primary mission is to be aware of independent resources and use them effectively. In this Bootcamp, We offer basic IT skills courses to the youth of Gujranwala under the supervision of trained professionals.

  1. Infotainments

  • Unleash Your Hidden Potentials Cultivating your Ambition

  • Communication Skills

  • Understanding Code Lobby’s Vision

  • Team Building Exercises

  • Internet Power

  • Installing Windows(10)

  • Drivers Management

  • Account Management

  • Google Apps

  • Google Extensions

  • Email Management

  • Create CV and Resume

  • Troubleshooting

  • Effective Research 

  • 30+ Useful Apps

  1. Including

  • Workshops

  • Certificates

  • Shields

  • Get together with Companies

    Registration Process

    Our plan is to target the area covering 1km radius of the center(Venue) including all Schools, Academies, Tuition & Coaching Centers, and even Street-to-street/Door-to-door. 

    First of all, Our Team Members and Volunteers will arrange an awareness session at institutions or Coaching Centers to aware them of this Bootcamp and after this, there will be a registration desk outside the hall, where Students Register themselves at the spot.

    The duration of this Bootcamp is 2 weeks long and 2-3 sessions held on a daily basis.

    Awarded Ceremony

    At the end of Bootcamp, we arrange a Grand Award Ceremony to distribute Certificates and shields among all the attendees through various Companies officials and Organizations which are onboard with us throughout the Summer Bootcamp.

    All the representatives of companies/organizations represent their Vision of their company/organization in this Ceremony and Collab with us for further future events.

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